MOERBEEK // impulse response

MOERBEEK composer sound designer sound artist

impulse response


A reaction to Alvin Lucier's I'm Sitting In A Room in the context of working inside the box: when sound is generated and is processed inside the computer.


Spoken language consists of sounds that function as a symbol. The sound itself is not heard, only the interpretation of what it wants to symbolize. Irregularities therefore do not exist in that sense. The voice is what it is.

An added significance of the symbol negates this. An irregularity can only exist in the discrepancy between the intended message, and the generated symbolical sounds.

Only when speech is stripped of its symbolical function, it can be perceived as sound. A gradual transformation of the voice to the natural resonant-frequencies of the room, in which the voice is produced, is insignificant. Any sound can be used to make the natural resonance frequencies of a room audible.

When the voice describes itself and suggests that the piece is about itself, it is missing its own point. Only a physical phenomenon is demonstrated.

Do not regard this piece as, an activity to demonstrate this. What you hear is not a voice, nor is it played in a room.